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Via al Embarcadero
Puerto Villamil, Isabela, Galapagos Islands
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Sightseeing & Excursions

"Bahia Tortuga" beach, starting in Puerto Villamil, is two kilometres long, and passes by the old cemetery. A good place for sunbathing, or take a stroll to observe shore birds such as the sanderling, whimbrel, lava gull, oystercatcher, brown pelican, blue footed boobies, frigatebird, herons. A great walk in the sea breeze before sunset.

From the fisherman pier at "Embarcadero", east of Puerto Villamil, an elevated wooden walkway takes you to the Concha y Perla Lagoon, through the mangrove (15 minutes). A quiet place for swimming, snorkelling or simply relaxing.

The Giant Tortoises Breeding Centre of the Galapagos National Park, is reached by an elevated wooden plankway, amidst brackish water lagoons, where flamingoes, common stilts, Bahama pintail ducks, purple gallinule, common egret and great blue herons can be seen. The trail, west of Puerto Villamil, is a great 40mins to 1 hour return excursion.

Beyond the long beach, a dirt road leads to the "Muro de las lagrimas", the Wall of Tears, old remains of the once upon a time penal colony. The penitentiary was closed in 1959. A page of history in the days of those convicted to hard labor. Along the way, various visitors sites of interest, such as: "Cerro Orchilla" (viewpoint over Bahia Tortuga), "El Estero" (fresh water spring), "Tunel del Estero" (lava tube), "Laguna Los Tunos" (candelabra cactus lagoon), "Playa del amor" go by taxi (15 minutes), return on foot (1h to 2 hours, easy).

Excursion to Sierra Negra volcano (40km): take a transport to the highlands, at the end of the road, below the rim of the volcano at 1300m elevation. Go for a horse ride (1h15) and a leisure walk (0h45) to volcan Chico, to the north east. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the caldera as well as one of the panoramic landscape of Isabela shield volcanoes to the north. Sierra Negra’s last eruption occurred on October 22, 2005, after 25 years of silence, displaying lava fountains and lava flows. A must do! A full day excursion that can be organized by "Scubadragon Dive Centre".

A walk around Puerto Villamil's fishermen village is a pleasurable experience. The old jetty made of volcanic stone, and lit at night with stylish lamp posts; the waterfront and playground with local laid back bars; the flamingoes lagoon.

Many restaurants are found around the main square. There are two internet cafes in the village, supermarkets, two telecom stations (Pacifictel and Porta), a dispensary and discotheques for the night owls.