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These books are for sale at the Scubadragon Dive Centre in Puerto Villamil, Isabela.

L¡ŠArchipel des Galapagos (1994) by Pierre Constant
- The reference guide book on the Galapagos Islands, in the French language (translated into English, see below)
- 300 pages, dont 72 pages couleur avec 177 photos, 51 planches de cartes et dessins
- Price: 30 euros ou 38 US$

The Galapagos Islands - a natural history guide (7th edition, 2006) by Pierre Constant
- The international reference book and bestseller on the Galapagos Islands.
- 316 pages, 180 colour photographs, 71 maps and illustrations.
- The all in one guidebook, first published in 1995 in Hong Kong, with constantly updated info, written by a recognized expert and permanent resident of the Galapagos Islands, with full historical background. It covers the geology, volcanism, ocean currents, description of flora and fauna from mammals, exotic reptiles to seabirds and land birds. A key to visitors' sites, villages and tourist info, it is a guide to the marine reserve and 70 diving sites. Includes the list of fishes, whales, dolphins and marine invertebrates, an index to common and scientific names, a lexicon English-French-Spanish. Produced in Hong Kong by Odyssey Books, distributed in the US by W.W.Norton & Company.
- Public price: US$35

Marine Life of the Galapagos - a diver's guide to the fishes, whales, dolphins and marine invertebrates (3rd edition, 2007) by Pierre Constant
- 308 pages, 288 colour photographs, 27 maps and illustrations.
- The third revised edition, with updated information, amended text, new species discovered, extraordinary biodiversity. A must for divers and ocean lovers. Includes a new chapter on the Galapagos Marine Reserve, the list of the diving sites and relevant maps. It contains information on oceanography, zoogeographic affinities, coral reefs in Galapagos, El Nino-La Nina phenomenon, an index to families and endemic fishes. Full description of families and fish species, whales, dolphins and marine invertebrates, with photo identification.
- Published by Calao Life Experience. www.calaolife.com email: calaolife@yahoo.com
Public price: US$40 or 35 Euros

Manus, Admiralty Islands - Lost world of the Titans (1998) by Pierre Constant
- 160 pages, 204 colour photographs (land & underwater), format 25,3cm x 28cm (landscape),
- Dedicated to the underwater world of "Manus" and the "Admiralty Islands", in Papua New Guinea, the book is the result of 8 exploration trips undertaken between 1990 and 1998. A dreamland of the South Pacific, set in a natural and wild place, once inhabited by fierce cannibals.
- North of the Bismarck Sea, in Melanesia, the Admiralty Islands are made of 200 islands of volcanic or corallian origin, covered by thick jungle. A coral reefs paradise, with enchanting atolls and Robinson Crusoe's islets, where rainbowlorikeet abound. Underwater, lagoons, passes and vertiginous drop-offs await the diver craving for new sensations. Not for the fainthearted.
- The book includes an introduction on the natural history, the human history of the islands and the famous Titans. These "sea gypsies", pirates of the past were still raiding the archipelago at the beginning of the century. Six chapters on different groups of islands, complete the book with the account of personal experiences and memorable stories that came along with the explorations led by Pierre. A dive in an untouched and virgin territory of the planet.
- Produced in Hong Kong, this quality coffee table book is a wonderful gift for Christmas.
- Published by Calao Life Experience. www.calaolife.com
- Public price: 45 Euros or 50 US$